Frequently Asked Questions
How are you?
We're quite well. Thanks.
What is CouponRoller?
CouponRoller is a brand new, revolutionary online gaming site where you discover new stores and save money. We work directly with online shops that provides us, and us alone, with their highest value coupons and gift cards available online. You'll play short games to win these prizes, and have fun at the same time.
Is this free?
What are these CouponRoller Coins that I keep hearing about?
While playing the games on CouponRoller, you win CouponRoller Coins. You can then exchange the Coins you've accumulated for any gift card in the CouponRoller Store.
What are the winning odds? Is this for real?
This is the real deal. Each store decides the odds of winning their their high-value coupons. Typical odds are 1:500.
Can I sign up for multiple accounts?
You can only have one account. Feel free to invite your friends so they can play everyday as well.
Do I need to play for all the coupons on the site?
In addition to the high-value coupons, we offer thousands of standard coupons aggregated from across the web. Since these coupons are available elsewhere, we are happy to distribute them freely to our users.
Where's your mobile app?
We've launched our websites that works beautifully on desktop, mobile and tablet. We're now working on creating our mobile apps.
I want to send you a picture of how I play the game. But I want something in return.
For sure! Send us a cool picture of you on our site. If we use it on our social platforms, we will send you $5 gift card to one of our select stores.
I am a bot. Am I welcome?
Unfortunately not.
How can I contact you?
Right here.