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Play games while surfing through thousands of awesome coupons. Play the game to see if you're a winner.
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Introducing CouponRoller Coins
You asked for it - and here it is.
From now on, as you play games at CouponRoller, you'll win CouponRoller Coins. The Coins can then be redeemed at the CouponRoller Store for any gift card or coupon you choose!
Regardless of whether your playing on your desktop, on your tablet or on mobile, your CouponRoller Coins will accumulate and stay with you. And you'll always see how many points you've won in the new CoinBank right on the top of the screen.
So have fun, and win some coin!
The more you Play, the more Gift Cards you earn!
1.Visit CouponRoller daily and play your favorite games.
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4.Browse through thousands of coupons and save when you shop.
5.Have fun!
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